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    We ensure you improve your athletic performance with scientific based training methods. AASC will prepare you for the academic rigors of College with two decades of collegiate academic advising experience. 
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We Place Student-Athletes at various Collegiate levels nationwide to play Collegiate sports

If you’re a student-athlete or a parent of a student-athlete, let Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting (AASC) develop your skill set and maximize your potential to prepare you, as you embark on a Collegiate Athletic & Academic Career. Our 100% college athletic scholarship placement rate speaks for itself! Let us place you into the right Collegiate Program and get you on the path to success today!

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Not Sure Where To Start? We can help you

We have the experience and expertise of the Collegiate Recruitment and application process to steer you on the right path, regardless of your geographic location. We have worked with a variety of Student Athletes and have successfully helped them with their Athletic and Academic affairs. Join our AASC family of student-athletes like yourself for placement into a Post-Secondary institution via a Athletic or Academic Scholarship opportunity. 

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Plan, Prepare, and Play

The sports recruiting process is not an easy one for any family. There are many elements involved and it can be stressful for families and students alike. Our goal is to make this process as stress-free as possible. You will be able to  enjoy the journey and it's rewards. Let's sit down to discuss your goals for your student-athlete, so we can build an individualized, tailored game plan for your needs!

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Experts in academic advising and sports career planning

Skip the sports recruiters and get connected with college coaches directly

Enhance your college search, recruitment, test prep, and athletic performance

Get recruited by colleges and universities across the country

Experts in academic advising and sports career planning

Skip the sports recruiters and get connected with college coaches directly

Enhance your college search, recruitment, test prep, and athletic performance

Get recruited by colleges and universities across the country

The Academic & Athletic Sports Consulting Experience

AASC understands our student-athletes on and off the playing field and gives student athletes an interactive role in planning their future. We understand that each of our athletes backgrounds are unique, they all will benefit from a systematic approach that will meet their academic and athletic goals. 

We have a proven system that has allowed families nationwide to understand how the college recruiting operates from start to finish. To this date we have placed athletes in various colleges & universities nationwide, obtaining over 3 million in Athletic and Academic scholarships.  

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Academic & Athletic Sports Consulting has helped over 50 athletes pursue their career goals. Avoid the mistakes many make in the college recruiting process and put yourself in a position to succeed with AASC.

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What You Get When You Sign Up With AASC

Professional Guidance

Not only do we place our student-athletes, but we also guide them throughout High School, College, and their Post Playing years. AASC is committed to preparing you for life.

One-on-One Support

Our consulting services are designed to focus on the individual student-athlete, similar to the recruiting process that is followed by the professional and major college sports teams.

College Sports Eligibility

NAIA, NJCAA, and NCAA compliance eligibility can be confusing for any student-athlete. Here at AASC, we provide advice for student-athletes that are starting the college sports recruiting process.

College Preparation

We'll connect you with college basketball coaches across the nation and navigate the complex college recruiting process to get you accepted by the best sports program.

Sports Recruiting Help

AASC gives you the tools to get recruited and gain valuable exposure. We help eliminate the uncertainty, stress, and mystery of sports recruiting by taking sports recruiters and scouts out of the equation.

Scholarship Opportunities

Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting has a 100% College Athletic Scholarship Placement rate. Our money-saving sports program is proven to save high school athletes thousands of 

dollars each year.

Student-Athlete Services

We at Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting are committed to servicing student-athletes and their families around the world. Our priority is helping & placing student-athletes in Higher Education institutions nationwide while participating in College Athletics and obtaining a quality education. We help those goals become reality and get results for student-athletes and their families by offering the following:

Athletic & Academic Advising

Strength and Conditioning


Basketball Scholarship Placement

Basketball Player Development

NCAA, NJCAA, and NAIA Sports Eligibility

Our College Placement Process

Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting helps Colorado athletes and students around the world through the sports recruiting process. We follow our four pillars of success to place student-athletes into the collegiate programs that are an adequate fit: Academic Advising, Colleges & Coaches Network, Athletic Player Development, and Career Counseling. When you sign up with AASC, you get professional academic and athletic guidance and exclusive scholarship opportunities.

Let's Work Together

Athletic Academic Advising

Are you high school player or Colorado student-athlete looking to play at the collegiate level? Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting (AASC) will provide the guidance and direction on academic requirements that will increase your opportunities to play college sports. This includes eligibility requirements, registrations, testing, and application help.

College Coaches Network

Connecting with college coaches for guidance and support can be difficult, but AASC makes the recruiting process simple. When you choose AASC for your student-athlete, you are choosing to work with experts that have spent years building strong relationships and credibility with Collegiate coaches across the country.

​Athletic Player Development

Are you a student-athlete looking to play at the next level? Our Basketball Player Development program develops your athletic skills to give you an edge over your peers. It improves basketball IQ which gives the athlete tools to contribute to a team and increases his/her chances of obtaining a high-quality College Athletic Scholarship. You will receive instruction from a former player/coach who is also Impact Basketball Player Development Certified. To maximize your potential, it's suggested the player commits to at least two sessions per week.

Career Counseling

Academic & Athletic Sports Consulting provides a variety of services to help you achieve your goals. We help student-athletes become successful in Sports, Academics, and in Life. We are with you through various steps from the onset of services through college, and your post playing career and transition. We focus on maximizing human potential and improving ourselves throughout our lifetime.


Join Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting

When it comes to your future, whether playing in college with a scholarship for sports or preparing for your athletic career, we can help you reach the next level!