Collegiate Basketball Scholarship Placement

AASC has a 100% College Athletic/Academic Scholarship Placement Rate. We have placed 60 Scholastic basketball players to date, with an Athletic Basketball Scholarship and counting!
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What is ​College Placement?

Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting College Placement Program provides Scholastic & Junior College athletes around the world with the best opportunity to play college basketball at the next level.  We evaluate & develop the entire Student Athlete (Academically and Athletically).  

We will prepare the all-around person, student and athlete and place you in the Collegiate institution where you have the best chance to succeed.  We work to place you to the program that offers you an athletic scholarship, regardless of playing level. Please note: A Scholarship offer fulfills our contractual requirement to the student and his/her family. 

  • Assistance with the Federal Aid Financial Student Aid Application

  • Assistance with the College Application process

  • Letter of recommendation written on behalf of the Student-Athlete for college admission

  • Athletic/Academic Biography

  • Academic evaluation

  • Athletic assessment

  • Nutritional Assessment

  • One on One Career Advising

  • The first year of Academic Planning/Advising for the Student Athlete (Consultant has 18 years of Higher Education Student Athlete Academic Advising & Dean of Students experience). 

  • Weekly Consultation with the parent and player -Consultation notes via summary of conversations with collegiate coaches, time, date and interest level of the student athlete from coaches whom the consultant outreached to.  The consultant will spend 3 hours per week for outreach, school major research, degree planning & job placement rate of each College/University. 

  • 25% money back guarantee if client isn’t placed via athletic or academic scholarship in a time agreed upon between the consultant and client/family (Consulting Contract). The average time for college placement is NINE months. 

  • 100% College Athletic & Academic Scholarship placement rate

  • Two Player Development basketball skill sessions

  • 25% refund rate if the Student Athlete isn't placed within 9 months of onset of services. The 2nd week in September is the LATEST you can sign up for this service for the following academic year. This equates to $375 per month. 

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Providing Basketball Players With Opportunities to Pursue their dreams

Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting has worked with various basketball players and helped athletes across the country understand NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules/regulations. We have placed High School athletes nationwide into various levels of college programs: NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA & NJCAA basketball programs. In addition, we have prepared an aspiring professional player for participation into an overseas professional combine camp. 

100% Scholarship Placement Rate

Did you know? The average cost to play college sports over a four-year span via a college or university full athletic scholarship at the NCAA D-1 level is roughly $250,000. 7% of High School student-athletes receive either a full or partial college athletic scholarship. Below is a comprehensive list what Collegiate Athletic departments pay for each student-athlete on a FULL grant in aid scholarship:

  • Books

  • Tuition

  • Room & Board

  • Medical Insurance 

  • Athletic Trainer

  • Athletic Travel/Per-diem

  • Pre & Post-Game Meals 

  • Athletic Equipment

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Academic Tutors

AASC has a 100% College Athletic/Academic Scholarship Placement Rate. This means we have placed every single student-athlete we've worked with on either a college basketball or academic scholarship at a post secondary institution, to participate in Collegiate Athletics. 

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Challenge Yourself: Maximize your personal, academic & athletic potential.

The AASC Basketball Player Development (BPD) program is one of the best Basketball Player Development Programs in the Rocky Mountain region. This unique basketball training and skill development program is designed to enhance the player's on-court offensive and defensive ability, improve their basketball lQ & thrive in a team concept. The goal of this program is to help players reach the next level of their basketball careers.

Strength and Conditioning

Basketball Player Development

Nutrition Consulting

NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA Sports Eligibility

Sports & Career Consulting

Athletic & Academic Advising

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Experts in academic advising and sports career planning

Skip the sports recruiters and get connected with college coaches directly

Increase your level of recruitment,  test preperation, & improve athletic performance

Get placed at various colleges and universities across the country

Experts in academic advising and sports career planning

Skip the sports recruiters and get connected with college coaches directly

Enhance your college search, recruitment, test prep, and athletic performance

Get recruited by colleges and universities across the Nation

What We Do Best

Professional Guidance

Not only do we place our student-athletes, but we also guide them throughout High School, College, and their Post Playing years. AASC is committed to preparing you for life.

One-on-One Support

Our consulting services are designed to focus on the individual student-athlete, similar to the recruiting process that is followed by the professional and major college sports teams.

Student-Athlete Eligibility 

AASC counsels student-athletes and their parents/guardians on the academic eligibility requirements for NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA.

AASC Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting

College Preparation

We'll connect you with college basketball coaches across the nation and navigate the complex college recruiting process to get you accepted by the best sports program.

Helping you to become that 1% 

Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting takes a hands on approach to ensure you become a collegiate athlete. We help eliminate the uncertainty, stress, and mystery of sports recruiting by taking sports recruiters and scouts out of the equation.

Scholarship Opportunities 

Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting has a 100% College Athletic Scholarship Placement rate. Our money & time saving approach is proven to student-athletes  & their families thousands of dollars each year.

Basketball Programs That Work

AT AASC, we are one of the only basketball recruiting and sports consulting agencies in Colorado and America that have placed ALL of our clients in NCAA Division One Institutions, Junior Colleges Nationwide, or abroad to play college basketball with a sports or academic scholarship.

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