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AASC knows the college admissions process, and we can help you win the sports recruitment battle! We offer our clients individual attention to assist in Basketball Player Development, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition Planning, Athletic and Academic Advising, and College Basketball Scholarship Placement.
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Coach Shettleworth is committed to providing each student-athlete with a personalized recruiting strategy or athletic development plan to make YOU the best player you can be.

A unique approach to Student-Athlete College placement

New customers who bundle sports consulting services save an average of 10%. 

AASC sports bundles are designed to give student-athletes the energy they need to reach their full athletic potential.

Basketball Player Development + Nutrition Plan

The AASC Basketball Player Development + Nutrition Plan is a 2-part package that you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're a high school basketball player looking to improve your skill levels, build strength, lose body fat and gain muscle, this package is for you! 

  • The first part is our Basketball Player Development (BPD), a professional basketball training program that provides athletes with 12 in-person training sessions that cover instructional basketball drills and tips for on-court offensive ability, defensive excellence, and team concept. 
  • The second part is our Nutrition Plan, a 3-month portfolio of customized meal plans designed by a Nutrition & Wellness Professional.  This goes beyond the usual plan by providing a complete outline, tailored towards your specific position to improve athletic performance. 

Strength and Conditioning + Nutrition Services

You're a serious student athlete, and you want to get the most from your training. You have a big goal, and you know that being a well-conditioned athlete gives you a competitive advantage over your competition. The AASC Strength and Conditioning + Nutrition Plan sports package is the winning recipe you need to get beat out your competition. 

  • Our Strength and Conditioning program is designed to help you gain strength and improve quickness & lateral movement for enhanced sports performance. It includes 12 in-person training sessions designed for student-athletes near the Denver, Colorado or Aurora region, ages 12 and up - designed specifically for Basketball. 
  • The second part is our Nutrition Plan, a 3-month portfolio of customized meal plans disigned by a Nutrition & Wellness Professional, which goes beyond a usual nutrition plan, by providing a tailorized plan to help improve athletic performance.

​Collegiate Athletic Eligibility & Recruiting Seminar for Basketball (Individual)

Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting offers a Basketball Eligibility, Recruiting & Academic Seminar monthly.  You will learn current eligibility requirements for NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, and how to complete the NCAA eligibility center (formerly the clearinghouse) form to ensure you are eligible as an incoming Collegiate Freshman. 

We will also discuss recruiting options, how to use the summer wisely, the purpose of a redshirt year, the impact of transfers on eligibility, social media impact on recruiting, NCAA Academic Performance Rate, the impact of post pandemic on recruiting, graduation requirements, student code of conduct, national letter of intent, scholarship criteria, and more.

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AASC strength and conditioning service
Basketball Player Development Subscription

​Basketball Player Development

The AASC Basketball Player Development (BPD) program is one of the best Basketball Players Programs in the Rocky Mountain region. This unique basketball training and skill development program is designed to enhance every player's on-court offensive ability, defensive excellence, and how to play within a team concept. The goal of this program is to help basketball players reach the next level of their basketball careers.  

You'll receive direct instruction from the Impact Basketball Player Development Certified coach with over 20 years of Collegiate and High School coaching experience.  In order to maximize Player Development, it's strongly suggested the player go 2X per week during his/her offseason.  The AASC Basketball Player Development (BPD) program includes: 

  • 12 one-on-one basketball Player Development sessions.
    • Player development sessions must be completed within 4 months of the onset of the program. All unused sessions will be forfeited. 
  • Custom basketball training plan with weekly basketball homework, deriving from the prior player development session.
  • It's highly recommended the nutrition plan accompanies player development due to the rigorous nature of these sessions. 
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​Strength and Conditioning

The Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting Strength and Conditioning Program will help you get stronger and quicker for increased sports performance. Strengthen your total body with explosive power, dynamic balance, and agile flexibility. It is a professional program – designed for student-athletes near the Denver, Colorado or Aurora region, ages 12 and up - who want to get better at their sport and gain an edge over their opponents! 

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AASC strength and conditioning service
AASC Nutrition Plan for Athletes

​Nutrition Services

The Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting Nutrition Plan helps lead athletes to new levels of health & performance. This 3-month, lifetime value portfolio is customized and tailored towards each athlete. Our Nutrition Plan has been proven to help student-athletes lose body fat, gain muscle and become more athletic. The AASC Athletic Nutrition Plan includes:

  • 1-hour meeting to discuss your personal nutrition goals 
  • 3 months of customized meal plans and recipes
  • Bi-weekly check-ups with a Nutrition & Wellness Professional
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Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting provides a complete education of the entire college recruiting process and preparation to get you on the road to a college sports career.  Our Athletic and Academic Advising consultations include college sports eligibility screening, athlete marketing strategies to create a competitive edge, training advice for college recruiters, and more. 

We work with student-athletes and their parents with the following services: 

Recruiting Seminars, College Degree Planning, NCAA Eligibility, NJCAA Eligibility, NAIA Eligibility, High School Academic Advising, College Application Process, Financial Aid & FAFSA Assistance, Scholarship Application, Career Guidance, and Cover Letter & Resume Revision.

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AASC Academic and Athletic One Hour Consultation
AASC College Basketball Scholarship Placement Service

College Basketball Scholarship Placement

Academic and Athletic Sports Consulting has a 100% COLLEGE BASKETBALL SCHOLARSHIP PLACEMENT rate. Our goal is to provide Colorado and high school athletes around the world with the best opportunity to play college basketball. We evaluate and help students to understand their athletic talent so they can decide which college programs are best for them. AASC has placed Student Athletes into colleges across the nation. 

  • Initiate & oversee the entire College Basketball Recruitment process.
  • Place the student-athlete at a post-secondary school institution (via Athletic Scholarship)
  • Academic Course Mapping for the 1st year of college
  • Post Playing career guidance.
  • ** The College placement process will begin after completion of the final payment. (The first month will consist of research, course planning, collegiate recruiting needs from various schools nationwide, academic assessment & two complimentary player development sessions). 
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